What is the TRUST Token?

The TRUST token is an ERC-20 governance and proof-of-ownership token which is backed by a 100% community managed asset portfolio. It was designed, through proposals approved by TRUST holders, with a certain set of governance proposals that obligate the DAO to limit investment in volatile assets, which in turn enables the DAO to limit TRUST price downside and provide exit liquidity to TRUST holders in a price controlled manner. This has the effect of making the TRUST token function in a semi-stable manner and makes it an ideal investment for limiting downside in your portfolio while potentially earning a significant yield on your principle.

What is the BONUS Token?

A unique aspect of the DAO’s design is that it utilizes a novel profit distribution mechanism through the use of a regularly airdropped ERC-20 token called BONUS. This token functions as a “proof of continuous ownership” indicator and is used to distribute profit in a proportional manner when the DAO votes to do so. The tokenomics of this design result in highly unpredictable profit distribution pattern that is very dependent on the decisions of the TRUST holders. To guarantee the BONUS token will have some value there is a annual profit distribution of 1% and, beyond that, the DAO may choose to distribute any amount of profits it wishes at any time. In addition, the BONUS is distributed at a rate that starts high and decreases each year until it is dropped at a rate of 1 TRUST = 1 BONUS, which is intended to incentivize early adoption.

How Do I Create a DAO Proposal?

A guide to create proposals for investment or otherwise is available on this site at Proposal Guide.
It is also available in the HowTo channel on CypherTrust DAO Discord.

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