CypherTrust Governance & Proposals

- Currently proposals are discussed over CypherTrust DAO Discord
- It requires 1000 TRUST in order to submit a proposal & is open to any member, however, submissions must follow a very specific format.

Proposal Discussion & Submission Process

1. Locate the "Governance" section in the CypherTrust DAO Discord server and select the appropriate propsal type based channel to share some high level ideas and signal support for or against them using emoji reacts.

2. If there’s enough interest in a particular idea you would like to propose then work with other interested parties, or go it alone if you feel confident.
Draft a proposal that follows, as close as possible, the proposal template rules laid out in "Structural Proposal #3: Proposal Templates".
In addition, you can refer to the guide for creating proposals on the Cyphertrust DAO website under the "Guides" page.

3. Next, DM one of the admins and we will create a separate temporary thread with the specific proposal you submitted to us on Discord. This will act as the forum for proposal specific discussions.
If all goes well, we’ll move to a formal Snapshot vote after the appropriate delay for the type of proposal you are submitting.

CypherTrust DAO Proposal Template [OpenDocument Format]

Following is From Structural Proposal #3

Most CypherTrust proposals fit in one of 8 different categories that are as follows:

Constitutional Proposals
Structural Proposals
Investment Proposals
Minting Proposals
Burn Proposals
Distribution Proposals
Nomination Proposals
Petition Proposals

For more detailed descriptions of the purpose behind these multiple proposal types please refer to the “TRUST TOKEN” section of the Technical WhitePaper.

Each CypherTrust proposal at minimum needs to have the following section completed:

Purpose - Description of what the proposal is trying to achieve, if implemented.

Motivation - Description of why the proposal is needed.

Specifications - Description of what actual implementation by trustees entails.

Next Steps - Details on how changes to the proposal can be made in the future, if changes are possible.

Poll - Description on the type of voting the proposal will use and a list of all possible voting options.

For investment proposals only:

Allocation - This section details the exact amount of DAO assets the proposal seeks to deploy.

In addition, each of the proposals must be numbered sequentially in the category in which they belong. This allows better tracking of the timeline over which these proposals were implemented.

If someone creates a proposal and it fails to meet these basic standard it is to be considered invalid automatically.

However, the wording doesn’t have to be exact, the structure itself is what matters.
For example, Motivation could also be renamed as “Rationale”. In addition, the sections described above are only a required minimum and additional sections can be added if they are needed to more completely explain the proposal. The most important thing is that the proposal has defined its purpose, and specifications for it to be executed by the trustees. This is because it might be impossible otherwise for trustees to operate without this information. Therefore the more detailed proposals are, the easier it is to work on them.

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